Set Phasers to LOL

3-d glasses

He'll Always Be The Doctor

3-d glasses David Tennant Fringe John Noble older Walter Bishop - 6042450688
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It works! My God, it works! She appears to be three-dimensional!!!

3-d glasses amazing Fringe John Noble Walter Bishop - 6460021504
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Well, as Real as the World Gets for Walter

3-d glasses Fringe John Noble real Walter Bishop - 6001037568
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Not as Good in 3-D

3-d glasses animal David Tennant doctor who favorite giraffes - 5408548352
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The Power of 3-D

3-d glasses building David Tennant doctor who falling the doctor - 5372591872
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Blink and You'll Be Slightly Uncomfortable

3-d glasses blink David Tennant doctor who the doctor weeping angels - 5353770496
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Where is Lorne Greene when you need him?

3-d glasses ambassador better cylon illogical Leonard Nimoy series Spock Star Trek - 6300638208
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