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You've Been a Bad Boy

bad teacher test window - 6302705152
By xyzpdq1


cat giant window booze - 6613905152
By xyzpdq1

No Time For Love

couple fire love window - 6391323904
See all captions By DeathToDCs

When kitteh found out you broke the can opener

angry window - 7106307584
See all captions By plaidcats

Darling? Be a dear and go kill the neighbor He's wearing Crocs and socks again.

couple kill window - 6496610816
See all captions By Akrasius


window woman - 6604570112
By xyzpdq1

I love you! I love you, my darling!

love man window woman - 6398835968
See all captions By DJAussie

The birdies will be here soon. You won't feel much!

baby birds cage window - 6415752704
See all captions By sweatyaztec

You, Out the Window!

gifs girl window - 6599582208
Via Gif Movie
baby cage Video window - 46946561

Living the High Life

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Luckily, NBC's 1974 pilot drama "President Nixon: Superhero!" was never given the green light.

jump Photo window - 6253588224
See all captions By ralphiesvikes

You can't always decide who walks into your life...But you can decide which window you throw them out of

window - 7043197696
See all captions By kenbaker

Arlene realized she had pulled the foot-rest lever on the recliner way, way too fast...

fall girl window - 6268374784
See all captions By Unknown

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