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Thy unemployment hath run out

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Y'know, boys' night out sounded like fun, but now I'm beginning to rethink the whole "one tent'll be enough for all of us" thing...

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So... how are you doing today?

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By MallardVHS

Hey, fellas... Whaddya say we walk into a bar?

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Bavarian sausage smugglers preparing to swim the Rhine

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If we had Powerpoint, these sales presentations would take a heck of a lot less time!

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Guess who got their vicodin

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We're gonna need a bigger boat.

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By Unknown

A Model King

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funny group scene historic painting philosophy - 3722296832
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Please don't let him play "Free Bird" again.

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Marcus! No Red Rocket At The Table!

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How Romantic!

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The collapse of Imperialism - Lesson 3

group scene portrait statue - 3408024832
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Were you not told to turn off your cell phone?

art funny group scene painting - 3781536256
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Last time I fly Southwest!

funny group scene painting technology - 3686530560
See all captions By ten-eight-cious
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