Historic LOLs


Found Footage: Bye, Bye Baby!

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By Unknown

Perturbed Benny Frank is Perturbed

gifs twitter - 6581114624
Via Best Roof Talk Ever

No Microphone, You Come To ME

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By Unknown

I Helpz U Wit Dat

funny gifs history military soldier war - 6382440704
Via Reddit

Television Of The Future? Kill Me Now...

funny gifs jersey shore pop culture snooki - 4518560000
By Unknown

OMG...Kill It With Fire!

creepy funny gifs wtf - 5012912640
Via www.totalleh.com

If This Is How They Used To Listen To Music In The Old Days I Recant Technology

funny gifs lady Music sexy - 4599331840
By Unknown

I've Had About Enough Of Your "Kitchen" Jokes!

funny gifs lady - 4839889664
By Unknown

Birth Of A Nation

funny gifs history - 4896110592
By Unknown

How Do You Do! How Do You Do!

buster keaton funny gifs history Movie - 5102761728
Via buppenisms.tumblr.com

Now I Know Why Their Hats Were so Big!

gifs history Photo funny - 6854827776

Well Done, Internet. Well Done...

funny gifs Joseph Ducreux meme - 4781147136
By Unknown

Critical Hit X2!!!

funny gifs - 4842741248
By Unknown

Transformation Through Art

art cool gifs - 4729830656
By Unknown

This Will Never Work...

FAIL flight funny gifs technology - 5504935936
Via gifmovie.tumblr.com

Be The Coolest Kid On The Block!

Ad color funny gifs toy - 4822676992
Via noyoushutup.tumblr.com
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