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Red Carpet Thoughts

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We are breaking up? okay i"ll just make another 1,000,000,000 dollars.

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Taylor Swift Sung About "22"... Well Here's What She'll Have to Look Forward to at "32"!

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if celebrities were in high school

If Celebrities Were In High School

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He's Like A Ken Doll

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Oh, Those Eyes! Oh, My Eyes!

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Captain James T. Swift

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We are Never Getting Back Together Until I Get You All Straight

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Justin, Your Girlfriend, Ecch

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Taylor, You're Just so Deep...

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More Like, Why you Gotta be so Green

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The maffia's new way to intimidate music lovers

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Conan O'Brien Responds to "22"

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Imma Let You Finish But....

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In tribute to a million male fantasies...

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They said I could be anything So I became BANANA

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