golden globes

i must remember to thank angelina jolie for lending me her leg

Angelina Jolie golden globes Rosie Huntington-Whiteley leg - 7011846656
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The fans applauded when the one legged actress hopped down the red carpet

golden globes red carpet Rosie Huntington-Whiteley fans - 6971069184
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And No, at this stage I don't think lessons will help...

golden globes robert pattinson - 6973039360
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Now im not saying im the best there is... Im just saying i havent found anyone better than me.

golden globes christian bale - 7022658816
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Barfed up alot of Goldschlager in the car

drinking golden globes car - 6985274112
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Red Carpet Thoughts

taylor swift golden globes - 6982024448
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golden globes tommy lee jones Will Ferrell - 6972372224
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I'm just glad to be anywhere

golden globes robert pattinson - 6973570816
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Lorne Michaels Falls Victim to The Dreaded Hover Hand

golden globes tina fey - 8009403136
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Jennifer Lawrence Photobombs Taylor Swift on The Red Carpet

taylor swift golden globes jennifer lawrence - 8002349056
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I'm never never ever gonna wear this dress again

taylor swift golden globes dress - 7000965888
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Aziz Ansari is a Confident Photobomber

photobomb golden globes - 8002112000
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These Fun Facts Are Shaky At Best

golden globes - 8002358784
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golden globes lucy liu - 6975245824
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A Very Good Wine

golden globes robert downey jr - 6991512064
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You'd smile too if you never had to play a sparkly vampire again

golden globes smiling vampire robert pattinson twilight happy - 6994189568
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