This Vague Tweet Might Lead to The World's Most Adorable Party

Text - Emma Watson Anna Kendrick-cups EmWatson 59m Details Anna Kendrick Following @AnnaKendrick47 .@EmWatson I love how vague this tweet is. Did you like the song or am I in charge of cups and ice for your next party? #ThatWouldBeCoolToo Reply Retweet Favorite
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How Anna Kendrick Feels About Having a Chart Topping Single

gif cups instagram anna kendrick - 7740472832
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How To Succeed in Music Without Even Trying

Text - Zach Braff @zachbraff @AnnaKendrick47 please DM me how to do that cups thing. I keep spilling the beer all over my smock. 7h Anna Kendrick @AnnaKendrick47 @zachbraff You do like a clappy thing, and then like a tappy thing and then you throw some flour Double platinum. Retire from music. Done
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