The Hero Detroit Deserves

actor comic funny Gary Oldman robocop the dark knight - 6591312384
By Chris Thompson

Bro... I'm so Embarrassed Right Now.

kermit the frog cee-lo green Music fashion comic funny - 6818356224
Via Buzzfeed

Harry Potter and the Sass Mouth

actor comic Daniel Radcliffe funny Harry Potter - 6580393216
By Unknown

All You Can Shoot Movie Roll Buffet

puns comic - 7953801472
By Unknown

Nobody F**ks With Rick This Season

Andrew Lincoln actor amc TV comic funny The Walking Dead - 6723652864
By Unknown

You're Actually Bella? I'm Out.

actor chris hemsworth comic funny Hall of Fame kristen stewart Movie summer blockbusters - 6345159424
Via Viva Liva

You missed one...

actor benedict cumberbatch brad pitt comic funny Harrison Ford hugh laurie jack black jesse eisenberg jim parsons Lawrence Fishburne Michael Douglas robin williams Russell Crowe tom hanks tom hiddleston - 6555084032
By strangelilvampyr

He chose poorly

comic funny Indiana Jones Movie - 6576794368
By joeventures

Disney's Bohemian Rhapsody

90s animation comic disney funny Movie Music queen - 6551736576
Via The Meta Picture

Speechless Rock is speechless

actor comic funny meme speechless rock the rock - 6623613696
By MaximumWolfage

There are no Secret Santas in the Jedi Council

star wars actor ewan mcgregor comic funny - 6871235328
By Unknown

Michael Bay DGAF About Your Childhood

comic director funny Hall of Fame Movie - 6002176512
By tykebikemike

Someone's watching

actor TV comic funny - 6711397376
By Imonai

So Close, Penny. So Close...

actor comic funny jim parsons the big bang theory TV - 6562947840
Via Reddit


animation comic disney funny Movie peter pan - 6563646208
Via Love Disney Magic

GTFO of My Head, Carly!!!

comic funny Hall of Fame meme Music - 6257099008
Via Pleated Jeans
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