The 3D didn't go down so well, either.

90s actor funny Movie nostalgia the princess bride - 6589655296
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Honestly It looks like his crown came from Burger King.

funny Movie the princess bride nostalgia 90s - 6641558272
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Insert Line Here

90s actor funny Movie nostalgia - 6581989888
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And you thought the iceberg was cold

funny actor kate winslet leonardo dicaprio Movie titanic 90s - 6660264192
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If you watch Beauty & The Beast backwards

90s animation Beauty and the Beast disney funny Movie nostalgia - 6561156096
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Dude, I can totally see our future! I'm going to go on to make many movies! And you, well, you can come see them!

90s actor funny keanu reeves nostalgia - 6577243136
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Those were my chips!

90s actor funny nostalgia - 6625195008
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Manners at the table.

brad pitt nostalgia friends TV 90s funny - 6734609152
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Boy Meets World Cast Reunion

90s boy meets world - 7859375616
Via EW
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Bottom of their class at Chiropractor College

90s actor christopher lambert funny Movie nostalgia sean connery - 6581900800
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Why even take a vacation day?

90s actor christopher lambert funny highlander 2 nostalgia sean connery - 6576549888
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Why Can't I... Lose all These Feels?

90s actor friends funny TV - 6554617344
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You wore that busted weave out in public? Ah hell naw.

90s actor disney funny nostalgia sarah jessica parker - 6633802496
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"Whoa" "That post was totally BOGUS"

90s actor funny keanu reeves nostalgia - 6576193792
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Music nostalgia 90s - 50382337

90s Music Was Weird

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Really, you survived a nuclear blast in a fridge...thats retarded

90s actor funny Harrison Ford nostalgia - 6581694720
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