DC's Move and Marvel's Response, Will Give Your All Those Manly Feels

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This morning, DC Comics, creators of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and countless other iconic heroes, officially closed their New York Offices, their home since 1934.

Marvel responded to the news, by offering a tearful gif of Rocket Raccoon. While, DC Comics is fine and will thrive in their new LA home, NYC was the birth place of hero comics, and has been a part of their culture from the very beginning.

New York will miss you DC Comics.

A Woman Was Sent to a Psych Ward With $13,000 Medical Bills for Saying the President Follows Her on Twitter... and He Does

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Somehow the story is even worse than that sounds.

Kam Brock, @Akilahbrock, was pulled over by New York police and her car impounded when officers suspected she was driving under the influence of marijuana (none was found in the vehicle). After getting upset with officers and undergoing a medical evaluation, doctors thought she was suffering from a mental disorder - thinking her claims of being followed by Barack Obama on Twitter were bunk.

The only problem is that Barack Obama DOES follow @AkilahBrock, and around 640,000 other people. And now Brock is faced with thousands in medical bills after being sent to a facility. She's now pursuing legal action as a result of these stupid, insane events.

Check out a full video of the coverage here.