Leaving Eureka

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Damn it, Syfy. Why? Why is this, your best show, cancelled while those ghost hunting douchebags and all the other crappy "reality" shows are allowed to continue?

At least we can be grateful Eureka got a proper ending. Not only that, but probably its best season since the first one. "Just Another Day" was a great farewell for the series and an amazing episode in its own right. And yes, I did tear up a little bit, knowing this is the last I'll ever see of these characters. It was SAD, okay? I guess we still have Warehouse 13 and Alphas. For now.

What did you think of it? Was "Just Another Day" a proper sendoff for the series? Will you miss Eureka?

Did the Doctor Hang Out With the Beatles?

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An old picture of a Beatles jam session contains a man who looks almost exactly like Matt Smith's Doctor. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. If I had a box that gave me access to all of time and space, chilling with the Beatles would be pretty high up on my list of things to do. I'm surprised it took The Doctor until his eleventh generation to get around to it.

Steven Moffat is pretty excited about the photo too.

"Bloody hell!!!" He tweeted, "Clearly we're going to make that episode!! Wonder what it will be like."

(Doctor Who)