Harry Turtledove's Gift to a Fan

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Nachu Bhatnagar is a huge fan of Harry Turtledoves alternate history series, "The War that Came Early." Sadly, he has terminal cancer and may not live to see the release of the next book in the series. His friend contacted Turtledove, asking for an advance copy.

Turtledove did him one better. Not only did he send Bhatnagar the advance copy, he promised to call and personally tell him how the series will end.

Warning: video contains some strong language.

Happy Birthday, David Tennant!

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David Tennant turns 41 today. Yes, he's 41 years old and still looks that damn good. He's Barty Crouch Jr., Cassanova, a phenomenal Hamlet, and of course, one of our favorite Doctors. He's also a huge fan of "Doctor Who", and credits the show for getting him interested in acting in the first place. All we can say is Happy Birthday, and thanks for making seasons two, three, and four so much fun to watch.

Happy birthday, David Tennant!

Happy Birthday William Shatner!

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William Shatner turns 81 years old today, and you know what? He doesn't look half bad for his age. We celebrate Shatner's existence every week around here but today, we'd just like to say Happy Birthday to one of our favorite starship captains of all time. Even if his acting was always, let's say, unique.

Happy... birthday! WilliamShatner.

(William Shatner, Star Trek)

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