Jaden Smith Dressed as a Bleached Batman to Prom Because Wouldn't You?


The Comeback...(Albino jacked the headgear)

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Face it, if you were the 16-year-old son of Will Smith and prom was approaching, would you want to attend as an on fleek superhero? If you answered in the negative, you might want to be more honest with yourself.

Just look how much fun he's having...

what a night 🌟đŸ’Ģ✨

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A New PIXELS Trailer Doesn't Make It Look Any Better

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This new trailer introduces you to the more of the band of classic game champions who must join forces to defeat this suspiciously specific alien invasion.

It's also the first time I've realized that the Peter Dinklage character is completely based off of King of Kong's Billy Mitchell.

Dinklage even plays the Donkey Kong champion in PIXELS. So, much like the rest of the movie, it's pretty on the nose.

Given that the last decade of summer blockbusters have mostly aimed right at the nostalgic feels, PIXELS seems like just another in a long run of cynical executive decision making. Let's hope it's more fun than that.

Blizzard Reminds Us That Warcraft Movie is Still Happening

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Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures released the first picture of 2016's World of Warcraft movie May 18.

The picture is of an orc named Orgrim. It looks a whole lot like an orc from World of Warcraft. So, well done, people of Industrial Light and Magic who are handling the effects.

Directed by Duncan Jones (Moon), the movie feels like it's been in the works for decades. There has so far been little word what it will entail or how the accomplished Jones will manage to squeeze 11 years of continual video gameplay into a story that will please it's millions and millions of paid subscribers. 

In actuality, Ogrim is played by Pacific Rim's Robert Kazinsky. Or this normal-shaped man here: