Kanye Raised Some Blood Pressure During the Billboard Music Awards

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Even though Kanye West was supposed to perform his newest single All Day at last night's Billboard Music Awards, what the national audience instead received was some undecipherable shadows constantly receiving the ol' bleep button from network censor.

Kanye took it off script and performed the song a little too close to its actual content. This leads to an almost unwatchable, but highly entertaining, live set. Especially because the censors just started getting too itchy with their bleep fingers towards the end. They started censoring words that certainly do not exist on any banned words list. For instance, 'middle America' was bleeped as was some mild screeching. Meanwhile a number of other epithets snuck through.

It was another exciting night watching Kanye at an awards show.

Louis C.K. Realizes He's Stolen Everything from Bruce

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Louis C.K. hosted Saturday Night Live May 16 and apparently all his material was stolen from a fellow comedian named Bruce.

Watch the whole story here in this digital exclusive that didn't air during the live show. 

Did You See Taylor Swift's Science Fiction/Spy/Action/Explosion-Fest Music Video?

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Taylor Swift had hyped her newest video for the past week and last night she showed it off to the world.

From last year's 1989, Bad Blood may seem like it tells the story of jilted love, but we all knew it was really about explosions and intense ninja weaponry.

My favorite was this nunchuck purse.

As the piece linked up there suggests, Swift put a lot of her friends in this video. Models and singers and models/singers galore. Most of them only show up for a few seconds of screen time but are all given something slightly interesting to do.

Excect for Lena Dunham.

I mean, it's cool if Swift and the Girls creator and star are friends, but give her something more than a split second of cigar smoking maybe?

Eh, regardless, it's an interesting video in how much sheer production value went into it. What are your thoughts?