'Clue' Star, Eileen Brennan Dies at 80

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Eileen Brennan, worked in film for 20 years before achieving her widest recognition as Capt. Doreen Lewis, the tough superior officer to Goldie Hawn's title character in the comedy "Private Benjamin". The role gave Brennan an Oscar nomination.

I'll always remember her best as Mrs. Peacock from the fantastic 1980's board-game adaptation "Clue". She played a Senator's wife who had a taste for monkeys brains, blackmail and murder.

Bachelorette Finale is Full of Twists and Turns

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It appears that Bachelorette producers knew what they were doing when they extended the finale into two weeks. After a surprise exit last night, in Antigua, during the Fantasy Suite week, all bets are off.

Desiree Hartsock, this year's Bachelorette, had narrowed the field to three suitors, Drew Kenney, Chris Siegfreid and Brooks Forester. The show progressed normally, audiences got to see Des on two dates with Drew and Chris, both of which ended in the Fantasy Suite, but when it came to the date with Brooks things turned sour. Instead of the date, viewers saw an extended scene of Brooks in his hometown from last week. In it, he confessed to his family,"I love my relationship with Desiree and I keep wondering why it is that I'm not at the stage yet to say to Desiree, 'I love you'... The idea of proposing to her at the end of this makes me really uncomfortable." Later in Antigua, Brooks meets Des on the dock where her excitement turns into anguish when he confesses everything and leaves the show.

But it doesn't stop there. In a surprise first, Desiree confesses to Brooks that she loves him and cannot love either Chris or Drew in the same way, finally saying, "Honestly, for me it's over."

How do you think this season is going to end? Will Des find the man of her dreams?

Is Lex Luthor Getting Into the Meth Business?

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Multiple sources are reporting that Bryan Cranston is to play Lex Luthor, and weirder yet, that Ben Affleck will be directing the Justice League movie. Weirdest of all, at least one source is claiming Matt Damon is up for Aquaman.

I don't even know what to believe anymore.

After Pool Accident, Usher's Ex-Wife Wants Custody

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Five-year-old Usher Raymond V got his arm stuck in a drain in his family's pool. Fortunately a sound technician was there to help his Aunt save him from the water. He is now hospitalized, but is thankfully recovering.

The accident has however, renewed Usher's ex-wife, Tameka Foster's bid for custody of their two children. She is claiming that Usher's busy schedule keeps him away from home 85% of the month and he leaves the parenting in the hands of third parties, usually nannies who Foster sometimes hasn't even met.

Real Housewives Star, Teresa Giudice Appears at Court for Fraud Charges

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Both Teresa and her husband said nothing when they appeared in court on Thursday. They chose instead to let their lawyers speak for them, as they plead 'not guilty' to a litany of fraud charges that could put them away for years.

The judge set the trail date, for the 39 indictments for October 8, 2013, though that is expected to be pushed back. The two are charged with "conspiring to fraudulently obtain millions of dollars in mortgages and other loans that apparently helped finance a lavish lifestyle, while hiding significant assets and income during a two-year bankruptcy proceeding."