Happy Cinco De Mayo — Here's Justin Timberlake as a Lime Selling You His Tequila

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Just in time for the annual May celebration of drinking, Justin Timberlake wants to remind you that he owns a liquor company.

But not just that, he stars in this bizarre riches to rags story about a lime who loses his luster in the success of a tequila. Yes, JT's tequila. 

It's pretty good and the tequila probably is as well.

Brienne of Darth!

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As today is Star Wars Day and no one will let you forget about it, Vanity Fair unleashed some new casting for this December's Episode VII.

It is none other than our dear Gwendoline Christie. AKA Brienne of Tarth.

While she looks BAD. ASS. in this armor, the name 'Captain Phasma' is preeeeetty dumb.

Still, hurrah for cool people getting cool work!

Madonna Wants to Collaborate with Obama, Eats Pizza

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Over the weekend, Madonna answered a BUNCH of questions from fans and onlookers in this weird Q&A session. She goes way too far into detail on odd topics and reiterates that she is very much a rebel and very much has a heart, thus explaining the title of her most recent album: Rebel Heart

It's so quiet and strange and she mentions Drake multiple times.

"Don't kiss Drake no matter how many times he begs you to"

Because this happened and she just doesn't want you to forget about it.

At least she seems to have taken out her grill for this one.