HBO Hates Periscope

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Just about everyone was excited for the return of Game of Thrones last weekend, but HBO has a hard time relaxing in its success of the mega-hit show.

When the Twitter-developed, live streaming Periscope app released March 26 it may have seemed to most of us like a way to show off your smoking. A few enterprising individuals thought it might serve a better purpose showing off the return to Westeros.

Well, the BBC reported this week that HBO sent out many 'take down' notices to those viewers who wanted to share their experience. The premium cable giant also woefully shook their heavy head (bedecked with jeweled pity crows, no doubt) over the lack of control they had of their content on Periscope.

"In general, we feel developers should have tools which proactively prevent mass copyright infringement from occurring on their apps and not be solely reliant upon notifications," HBO said in a statement.

This came only a few days after the first four episodes of the upcoming season leaked online.

But even with these gaps in their distribution, HBO is far, far from a sinking ship. This is more akin to someone drinking a dribble glass on a cruise ship.

Jamie Foxx Sings Tinder Profiles. Enough said.

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Jimmy Kimmel needed some help to cover the recent rage in online dating, so he called in Jamie Foxx to put profiles to music.

Foxx is something of a talk show mainstay for singing stuff. Here's him turning unsexy words sexy on Jimmy Fallon last year:

Rihanna Goes Patriotic-ish in her New Video

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In the past month, Rihanna has dropped two new singles on America. The most recent one is actually about America. It's called American Oxygen, in which she chronicles breathing in the United States.

You know how it is. Flag waving. MLK Jr. JFK. Molotovs. 

The video has actually raised up some notable disagreements in the few hours since it's release.

Jezabel called it a "pretty decent thinkpiece" while Slate actually thinks its pretty damn boring.

Howeve, there is some agreement on one front. The single and the video was actually available, albeit locked behind Tidal's paywall, for a week. It seems like most were glad to wait for it's public release than pay Jay Z and his friends for the opportunity to watch it early.