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36-year-old Nadine Schweigert from Fargo, North Dakota, got married last month. She was dressed in a peacock blue satin dress and carried a bouquet of white roses. There was also a lovely white wedding cake covered in peacock blue fondant. But if you paid attention, you probably noticed there was no mention of a groom. It's not that he didn't show up, it's just that there wasn't a groom to begin with. Nadine just happened to marry herself. So when Nadine stood up in front of the 45 guests at her wedding, she took the following vow: "I, Nadine promise to enjoy inhabiting my own life and to relish a lifelong love affair with my beautiful self." Later in the ceremony, she presented herself with a ring. When it was time for the traditional first kiss, she asked guests to blow kisses to the whole world. Soon after the ceremony, Nadine even took off on a honeymoon at New Orleans, all by herself, of course. Nadine says that after three children and a divorce, she spent several years just waiting for someone to come along and make her happy. She has struggled for years with self-acceptance, attending group therapy in an attempt to feel better. One day, when a friend said to her, "Why do you need someone to marry you to be happy? Marry yourself," the idea took root in Nadine's mind.