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Kopimism, a Swedish church that holds internet file-sharing sacred, held its first marriage ceremony in Serbia.

The couple—a Romanian woman and an Italian man—were married late last month at Belgrade's SHARE conference, a three day festival celebrating new Internet and media developments. The presiding priest, or Kopimistic "Op" wore a Guy Fawkes mask as a computer read vows and some of Kopimism's central beliefs aloud. "We are here to announce a new pair of noble peers. Copying of information is simply right. Dissemination of information is ethically right. Copying and remixing information communicated by another person is seen as an act of respect," it said. "Do you want to share your love, your knowledge, and your feelings with [the bride] as long as that information exists?"

If this marriage is peer-to-peer, does this make BitTorrent a form of polygamy?