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Todd, 48, left Hull Crown Court in tears today despite hearing his girlfriend had said: "Yes!" to his court room marriage proposal. Mr Todd almost died when Baillie, 32, plunged an 8in kitchen knife into his back as he slept. But he appeared at Hull Crown Court last week with a white gold diamond solitaire ring with the intention of proposing in court in an act of Easter forgiveness. Baillie, 32, who had been depressed after a miscarriage has been forgiven by Mr Todd who spent three months in hospital recovering from a damaged pancreas and spleen after she attacked him two weeks after losing his baby. Mr Todd had written an emotional letter to the judge which Judge Mettyear read out. He said: "She has made a big mistake that she will regret for the rest of her life. Please show compassion and allow her to prove what a valuable member of society she is and a mother to her son. She will have a husband, if you allow us to marry. I promise we won't let you down." Judge Michael Mettyear who heard of the proposal last Thursday in Hull Crown Court had adjourned the sentencing hearing to consider what weight he could give to the victims appeal for mercy.