funny wedding videos new york city politics Video - 27588865

"Will You Occupy My Life?"

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Military Matrimony

funny wedding photos soldiers wedding - 6217505024
Via Wall Street Journal

Twi-Hards in the Wild

breaking dawn funny wedding photos movies twilight wedding dress - 5436018944
By Unknown

Grandma's In It to Win It!!

bouquet toss bride Crazy Brides fashion is my passion funny bouquet toss picture funny bride picture funny wedding photos surprise wedding party - 4370783488
By Unknown

Lookin' Sharp!

flower girls children - 7310159872
Via I Dream Weddings

Why So Serious?

lovely serious vintage - 5774327808
By Palita


bouquet toss bride bridesmaids fashion is my passion miscellaneous-oops surprise technical difficulties wedding party woops - 3276695296
By Unknown

Fistful of Jewels

bouquets flowers funny wedding photos Hall of Fame - 6188165376
Via Etsy

This Wedding is So Underground

bride funny wedding photos hipsters Subway wedding dress - 5355348992
By Camdenrose

Angry Flowers!

guitar bouquet band - 5076842752
By Brittany

Pull On All The Stops

funny wedding photos rings wedding rings - 6378845440
Via Globe and Mail

The Ring Bearer Gets a Lesson in Excellent Picture Poses

bride drunk funny wedding photos miscellaneous-oops ring bearer surprise wedding party white trash wedding - 4275384832
By lawlan

Time for "The Talk"

bride funny wedding photos groom - 6000021248
Via rodolphe.sebbah on Flickr

Is This Reception in an Office Break Room?

bride confusing locale funny wedding photos groom were-in-love wedding party Wedding Themes wtf wtf is this - 3902551040
By Unknown

The Odd Couple

bride funny wedding photos punk - 6165526784
Via Reddit


awkward family photos bride fashion is my passion groom scary were-in-love Wedding Themes wtf - 3003429120
By Unknown
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