Maybe He Was the Ringbearer...

dogs Hall of Fame photobomb wedding - 5060974080
By Unknown

All Washed Up

underwater scuba - 5154931200
By stuntack

Be Mine Through Space and Time

doctor who engagement rings funny wedding photos Hall of Fame tardis - 6310752768
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bride derp funny wedding photos - 4668435200
By Unknown

How's the Weather Down There?

horses holding hands - 7340803840
By Unknown

All Purpose Rings

doctor who rings star wars - 6550481152
By Melissa

Under the Protection of Stormtroopers

bride Crazy Brides crazy groom fashion is my passion funny wedding photos groom romance star wars themed wedding stormtrooper surprise were-in-love wedding portrait Wedding Themes - 3590782720
By Unknown
bouquet toss bride FAIL funny wedding videos Russian wedding Video - 22547457


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Happy Anniversary Mr. President!

anniversary - 6636368384
By Unknown


art funny wedding photos - 4683185920
By Unknown

She Does Appear to Need a Little Assistance

bride bridesmaid Crazy Brides drunk bride fashion is my passion funny bride picture funny wedding photos miscellaneous-oops veil - 4290474240
By mcveyla

Our Big Fat Florentine Wedding

funny wedding photos invitations Italy - 5318185984

Mister and Missus Mouse

engagement disneyland - 7130651392
Via Chris Holt

Fairy Wedding

princess wings pretty - 6846152448
By Chillow


Awkward bride coincidence eww groom miscellaneous-oops surprise were-in-love Wedding Announcement - 3591760896
By Unknown

Married Corgis in Space!

dogs wedding married space corgis - 6962290176
Via Corgis in Space
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