404 Planet Not Found

60s funny nostalgia Star Trek TV - 6635309312
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villains beware I got a glue gun

60s actor funny Leonard Nimoy nostalgia Star Trek TV - 6585268224
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"Whoa" "That post was totally BOGUS"

90s actor funny keanu reeves nostalgia - 6576193792
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actor bill cosby comedian community funny joel mchale nostalgia the cosby show TV - 6564028416
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Well, That's Obviously a Reasonable Response

70s funny nostalgia TV - 6565849344
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80s actor funny nostalgia TV - 6603274240
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I don't always play a 17 year old... But when I do, I'm 25

80s actor back to the future funny michael j fox Movie nostalgia - 6587023872
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MAYBE that's Meow Mix in my pocket... MAYBE I am happy to see you!

actor batman funny nostalgia TV - 6570063616
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that cool scene... ...where Princess Leia kills Carrie Fischer.

80s actor carrie fisher funny Movie nostalgia star wars - 6554674432
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What do you mean... all the wine is gone

Julie Andrews mary poppins nostalgia actor funny - 6761441024
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If you watch Beauty & The Beast backwards

90s animation Beauty and the Beast disney funny Movie nostalgia - 6561156096
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Like, REELLY tall!

80s actor back to the future funny michael j fox Movie nostalgia - 6553115392
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Ah Yes, a 'photo-shop'... You can tell by the pixels...

80s animation disney funny Movie nostalgia - 6582225920
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Grown-ups. The same in every Galaxy.

70s actor Alec Guinness funny Mark Hamill Movie nostalgia star wars - 6587340288
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Gladys the Lunchlady announces a menu change

70s actor funny nostalgia tim curry - 6574983680
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We Must Respect

funny Music nostalgia - 6620698112
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