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Oh wait, I mean "Bridezilla."

we were facing the photographer and this blind man coming out of the buiding behind us literally plowed into me and over my dress. apparantly that cane doesn't work as well as expected in detecting obstacles like an entire wedding party in one's path!

You know, I don't usually do this but this submitter's commentary made me cringe.

HE'S BLIND. You are blessed with the infinitely wonderful gift of sight. So he ruined one of your shots? Let's put things in perspective here, and be glad that you can.


bridezilla,cake toppers,funny wedding photos,godzilla
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The pastor (also father of the groom) made us these posable cake toppers using one of our engagement photos. The bride's dress and the maid of honor's dress were both hand-made, as well as the bouquet of ceramic flowers (which did NOT get thrown)... all this done (including food, music etc) for less than 500 dollars.

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