Kristen Stewart and Jessie Eisenberg Reteam for a Manchurian Candidate Stoner Comedy

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You know that old saying, "The government brainwashed assassin is always the one you least suspect."

These are not only great words by which to live, but also the plot of the summer movie starring Kristen Stewart and Jessie Eisenberg American Ultra. Eisenberg plays the unlikely killer as he comes under attack. But all he wants to do is get back to his girlfriend, Stewart, and propose to her.

What's a brainwashed stoner to do!?

Stewart and Eisenberg last worked together on the critically acclaimed movie Adventureland, which also featured its fair share of drug use.

That Improbable Point Break Remake Has an Equally Improbable Trailer

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We know you put it out of your mind, we did as well. But Lo, the angels of Hollywood have spoken and the remake of 1991's classic Point Break will actually release this winter.

Here's your first look at the Keanu-Reeves-impersonator Luke Bracey and the nothing-at-all-like-Patrick-Swayze Édgar Ramírez doing death defying things in the name of some Robin Hood aspirations.

But here's the thing: Warner Bros. didn't want you to watch this movie and wish for more, no. So they turned everything up to 13, bypassing 11 and 12, in some slightly silly maelstrom of EXTREME action.

For instance, here's some surfing from the original:

And here's some from the new trailer:


Whether this trailer excites you or not, we can all be equally sad that we won't see Keanu trying with all of his little heart to speak Spanish in the near future.

You Can Sum Up This Cooties Trailer in Two Words: Zombie Children

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It's like you can hear the pitch meeting:

"What we made a movie with zombies...

... that are also kids?"

A New PIXELS Trailer Doesn't Make It Look Any Better

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This new trailer introduces you to the more of the band of classic game champions who must join forces to defeat this suspiciously specific alien invasion.

It's also the first time I've realized that the Peter Dinklage character is completely based off of King of Kong's Billy Mitchell.

Dinklage even plays the Donkey Kong champion in PIXELS. So, much like the rest of the movie, it's pretty on the nose.

Given that the last decade of summer blockbusters have mostly aimed right at the nostalgic feels, PIXELS seems like just another in a long run of cynical executive decision making. Let's hope it's more fun than that.

CBS Reveals an Extended Look at Supergirl

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DC Comics' Supergirl is coming to TV this November. Following the adventures of Kryptonian refugee, Kara Zor-El (Superman's cousin), Supergirl looks like a lot of TV shows combined into one. We have a Devil Wears Prada-esque tough female boss in Calista Flockhart's Cat Grant, and a secret government agency dealing with extraterrestrial threats! How much awesome cliches can one show have?

Supergirl better be strong if she's going to carry that many plotlines.

Guillermo Del Toro's Crimson Peak Has a Spooky Trailer, Tom Hiddleston

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We haven't seen a Del Toro directed movie since 2013's fantastic Pacific Rim, so you'd better believe the world is ready for a return to his particular brand of horror.

He told Deadline Hollywood that he wanted this film to feel like a "throwback" in an attempt to get away from the found-footage/B-movie horror that has grown en vogue over the past decade or so. And that's just what this movie appears to show. 

If you can believe it, <i>Crimson Peak</i> will release in October. October 16 to be exact.