Did You See Taylor Swift's Science Fiction/Spy/Action/Explosion-Fest Music Video?

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Taylor Swift had hyped her newest video for the past week and last night she showed it off to the world.

From last year's 1989, Bad Blood may seem like it tells the story of jilted love, but we all knew it was really about explosions and intense ninja weaponry.

My favorite was this nunchuck purse.

As the piece linked up there suggests, Swift put a lot of her friends in this video. Models and singers and models/singers galore. Most of them only show up for a few seconds of screen time but are all given something slightly interesting to do.

Excect for Lena Dunham.

I mean, it's cool if Swift and the Girls creator and star are friends, but give her something more than a split second of cigar smoking maybe?

Eh, regardless, it's an interesting video in how much sheer production value went into it. What are your thoughts?

Taylor Swift Visits a Little Boy at Boston Children's Hospital

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Jordan is a little boy who is fighting some really big diseases and received a much-deserved pick-me-up when one of his favorite singers, Taylor Swift, visited him in his hospital room.

Swift stopped by Boston Children's Hospital with a song and a hug for little Jordan. The joy he has when the pop star begins to play is something that will warm any heart. Way to go, Taylor!