Brienne of Darth!

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As today is Star Wars Day and no one will let you forget about it, Vanity Fair unleashed some new casting for this December's Episode VII.

It is none other than our dear Gwendoline Christie. AKA Brienne of Tarth.

While she looks BAD. ASS. in this armor, the name 'Captain Phasma' is preeeeetty dumb.

Still, hurrah for cool people getting cool work!

Star Trek's Tim Russ Wishes Happy Birthday to The Star Wars

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In case you forgot, it's May 4, as in Star Wars Day. We will stop reminding you all day long.

But if you need a primer, this handy one from Star Trek: Voyager actor Tim Russ should fill you in on all the comings and goings of your soon-to-be-favorite characters.

Like Laura here:

Ready Your Heart for Warm Feels: This Little Boy Couldn't be More Excited to be a Married Jedi

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Seven year old Padawan Colin Gilpatrick wrote a letter to George Lucas after discovering that Jedi could not get married:

Lucasfilm responded with a grab bag of goodies and an a-okay for Colin to wed.  

It's too cute, I can't handle it!

Colin's got a few good years to train in the force before setttling down, but it's nice to know he's got the official Lucasfilm blessing when the time comes.