Toy Story That Time Forgot is Toy Story Meets Land Before Time

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SDCC got a look at Pixar's latest Toy Story project, Toy Story That Time Forgot. The upcoming Christmas special is due out this December and features the original cast alongside Kevin McKidd (Grey's Anatomy, Brave)playing a new dinosaur, Reptilius Maximus, as the toys try to make their way to the great valley home.

Must Have Cool: Epicute: Up, Up and Away!

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Do you think the cupcakes will get them all the way to Paradise Falls?
-Disney-Pixar's "Up"

OMG Desu Desu so Cool!

Toy Story TV Special of the Day

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Best news ever -- rumors of another Toy Story have turned out to be partially true. Pixar has announced a series of TV specials featuring the whole gang, the first of which, Toy Story of Terror, will premiere in fall 2013:

What starts out as a fun road trip for the Toy Story gang takes an unexpected turn for the worse when the trip detours to a roadside motel. After one of the toys goes missing, the others find themselves caught up in a mysterious sequence of events that must be solved before they all suffer the same fate in this Toy Story of Terror.

The second TV special is set for Easter 2014.

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