Tan Mom Ur Perf Nevr Change

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A drunken Patricia Krentcil, otherwise known as Tanning Mom, was looking flawless on the red carpet only moments before being kicked off the stage at Manhattan's XL Club after swearing at the audience, kicking over her wine glass and physically attacking the drag queen host.

Krentcil gained internet notoriety after being charged with taking her five-year-old daughter tanning earlier this year, in case you forgot why she's "famous" or something.

Perfect mother, never change lol JK pls stahp.

Worst Films Ever Made: Deadly Prey

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"Deadly Prey" is a 1987 action film starring Ted Prior as Mike Danton, a steroid-pounding Vietnam vet who is hunted by a group of maniac mercenaries, presumably for his super sweet Bugle Boy jorts (cut-off jean shorts for anyone lucky enough not to know) that seem to be the singular source of his super human soldiering abilities.

Terrible Movie Trailer Tag Line: "A film so violent it cannot be rated!"

Bonus: full-length film - "Deadly Prey"

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