Slow News Day Apparently...

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-Lindsay Lohan

Oh, and there's also an update to this hard-hitting piece of journalism over at Huffington Post because, ya know, people care.

PREPARE YOURSELVES: The PR Stunt Reunion has Happened!

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KStew and RPatz back together only weeks before the final Twilight premier?!?! I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING!!!

The Daily What: Arrested Development News of the Day

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Here's the latest on season 4, from a Vulture interview with show creator Mitch Hurwitz:

  • "The episodes are an outgrowth of the design of what we hope will be the movie. They precede it. They function as an act one of a movie that we all want to do, but haven't 'sold' yet."
  • "We would love this to be the first first of many visits." And -- he's open to the idea of doing a fifth and even a sixth season on Netflix!
  • Confirmed guest stars: Henry Winkler, Scott Baio, Judy Greer, Liza Minnelli, Mae Whitman, and Jeff Garlin.

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