First Amy Winehouse, Now This?! WHY, GOD, WHY?!?!

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Breaking News - More sad news from the music industry, Justin Bieber was found alive in his apartment earlier today.

(Justin Bieber)

PREPARE YOURSELVES: The PR Stunt Reunion has Happened!

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KStew and RPatz back together only weeks before the final Twilight premier?!?! I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING!!!

FYI... "The Situation" Has a Comic Book Now

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I wish this was a joke, but unfortunately it's all too real. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has teamed up with renowned digital media artist Greg Horn (Iron Man, X-Men, Black Widow) and MPS Entertainment to produce the first graphic novel starring what appears to be a radioactive gorilla juicehead that gained superpowers from a radioactive tanning bed.

Sounds amazing, right?

Well it gets better. Other notable members associated with The Sitch's graphic design team include Eisner Award winning writer Paul Jenkins (Wolverine: Origins, Batman, Hulk, Spider-Man), pencil and inks by Talent Caldwell (Superman, X-Men, G.I. Joe), and coloring by Paul Mounts (Avengers, Ultimate X-Men, Wolverine, and Thor).

The first edition will premier at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con in August, so don't be surprised if we see superhero-hungry Hollywood paying six-figures to adapt this atrocity for the big screen sometime next year.

The Situation... as a superhero... and not a joke. WTF is going on?!

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