'Clue' Star, Eileen Brennan Dies at 80

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Eileen Brennan, worked in film for 20 years before achieving her widest recognition as Capt. Doreen Lewis, the tough superior officer to Goldie Hawn's title character in the comedy "Private Benjamin". The role gave Brennan an Oscar nomination.

I'll always remember her best as Mrs. Peacock from the fantastic 1980's board-game adaptation "Clue". She played a Senator's wife who had a taste for monkeys brains, blackmail and murder.

Jon Stewart and Robert Pattinson Talk Break-up Over a Pint of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

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If you're still following the RPatz/KStew split, then this video is for you. Jon Stewart got the first post-split interview with actor Robert Pattinson and it was beautiful, hilarious and filled with ice cream creys.

After Spending 45 Minutes in Jail, Chris Brown Tweets He's Done

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On Tuesday, famous singer Chris Brown sent the tweets above. Coming the day after he spent about an hour in jail for charges stemming from a hit and run, the tweets make it apparent that even with his continued success following Rihanna's beating, he's not feeling the love. It's a "mistake I made when I was 18" he laments, even though he was 19 and it only happened four years ago.

To put that in perspective, it took Chris Brown less time to atone for domestic violence than it took most of us to complete High School.

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