Kevin "Extra" Bacon Posts a Confusing Instagram Picture


Greetings from the UK!

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In a sudden turn of events, Kevin Bacon posted a rather portly picture of himself on Instagram May 4. It looks surprising on the outset, but closer examination shows it must be prosthetics. Seams and make up galore.

Plus, he looked like this only two weeks ago:

So, what's his next project?

Wolvie's Makin' Bacon Pancakes


Good morning....

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Since the world has completely moved into the Age of Lip Sync, here's Hugh Jackman doing a quick song from Adventure Time.

Happy Monday.

Introducing Dwayne "The Pop and Lock" Johnson

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Preppin' for his role in 2016's Central Intelligence, Dwayne Johnson busted some legit moves on his Instagram account May 1.

Kevin Hart and Ed Helms will also be in the movie, so where are their dance moves??

For more of Johnson's dancing, here's him showing his steps with Ellen:

Look at Little Timberlake!


The Timberlakes are ready!!! GO GRIZZ! #GritNGrind #Playoffs #BabyGrizzROAR

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April 19, Silas Randall Timberlake made his Instagram debut as Justin posted his new son's established fandom of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Jessica Biel's selfie has already received 1.2 millions likes and more are sure to come as we are all familiar with this mathematical theorem:

celebrities + selfies + babies = likes

Keep 'em coming JT.