Historic LOLs: Oh Nothing, Just Charlie Chaplin and Helen Keller Hanging Out. No Big Deal...

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Charlie Chaplin historian JeTamme Derouet provides some interesting background info for this photo and describes the pair meeting in Hollywood during one of Miss Keller's speaking tours:

"They spent most of the day off alone together and they smiled and laughed a lot like they had their own private world, just walking the studio lot and talking privately together. (The picture seen here) is of her holding her hand to his mouth to feel what he is saying as he speaks to her."

To paraphrase Derouet on Chaplin's interest in sign language:

"Chaplin had worked with several deaf people throughout his career in an effort to improve his own pantomime communication skills and traveled with deaf artist Granville Redmond, who taught Charlie sign language and fingerspelling. He was also a great supporter of the deaf during a time when most people in America were trying to abolish sign language all together."

Ridiculously good guy Chaplin was a ridiculously good guy.

Here be LOLs most amusing and historic!

Rolling Stone Makes a Truly Historic Mistake

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The most recent cover of Rolling Stone magazine features an error on the cover that most of us who passed the sixth grade should be able to spot (emphasis on should...). Can you spot it? That's right, while John Hancock famously signed the Declaration of Independence, his signature cannot be found on the Constitution.

Louis-Dreyfus seems to allude that, while having yet to comment on the matter, she and Rolling Stone were in on it, referencing a White House staff character from her sitcom, Veep.

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