The 2011 Portfolio: A Montage of This Year's Biggest Films

By Unknown
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This montage is so good it makes Hollywood look like they actually made some good movies this year. Who'd a thunk it?

Worst Films Ever Made: Deadly Prey

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"Deadly Prey" is a 1987 action film starring Ted Prior as Mike Danton, a steroid-pounding Vietnam vet who is hunted by a group of maniac mercenaries, presumably for his super sweet Bugle Boy jorts (cut-off jean shorts for anyone lucky enough not to know) that seem to be the singular source of his super human soldiering abilities.

Terrible Movie Trailer Tag Line: "A film so violent it cannot be rated!"

Bonus: full-length film - "Deadly Prey"

Do you have suggestions for films we can showcase in the "Worst Films Ever Made" feature? Let us know in the comments, or submit them here!

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