Tense Times At Sterling-Hooter, I Mean Cooper!

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Amazing, aren't they? How you don't want to stare but you just can't look away. I don't know what you're talking abreast, I mean, a-boob...I have to get back to my tit-ing TYPING! (Mad Men)

How to Catch a Monster: Ryan Gosling + Christina Hendricks = GOLD

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Indiewire reports that Ryan Gosling has partnered with his "Drive" co-star Christina Hendricks to direct his first feature film, "How to Catch a Monster" about a single mother swept into a dark fantasy underworld.

The film is described as a "fantasy noir," "fairytale" and "modern suspense" picture, but with these two on board I'd argue that the film is better described as "exploding ovaries" and "f*ptastical" to be sure.

Shooting begins this spring, so prepare your bodies! -Ryan Gosling, Christina Hendricks

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