The Original Brad of 'The Rocky Horror Show' Has Died at 67

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According to TMZ, the original star of the 1973 Broadway hit, "The Rocky Horror Show" has died at 67. Christopher Malcom, who originated the role of 'Brad Majors,' passed away on Saturday, as first reported by his daughter via Twitter.
The stage production was made into a film in 1975, but without Malcom, who was replaced by Barry Bostwick as the role of Brad.

Malcom was an accomplished Shakespearian actor who also held the role as a as starfighter pilot Zev Senesca in "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back."

The cause of death is unknown.

TDW Geek: Pushing Daisies Coming Back From The Dead On Broadway?

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It's entirely possible that cult classic Pushing Daisies will receive a magic life-restoring touch, in the form of a stage adaptation. In an interview with Ellen Greene (AKA Aunt Vivian on the show), she released this little ray of hope:

Actually, there's been talk of a version of it -- I'm not supposed to say anything! A possibility... A possibility of stage. I would love for Vivian to exist again.

Given that the show also starred Broadway legend Kristen Chenoweth, and featured a bold, over-the-top style, Pushing Daisies would naturally lend itself to becoming a musical -- and we might even get to find out how it ends.

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