I Can Has Cheezburger?: Christopurr LOLan's Catman Trilogy

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The Dark Knight Rises is out in just a few days, Cheezfrends, and all of us here at Cheez HQ are super excited! Who can't wait? Who's going at midnight? DO YOU WANT TO COME SEE IT WITH ME? WE COULD ALL SHARE SOME POPCORN AND CHOCOLATEY BITS AND CRY TOGETHER WHEN IT ENDS!!!!!!

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The Daily What: Surprise Visit of the Day

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Christian Bale has arrived at Aurora, Colorado's Swedish Medical Center to visit many of the recovering victims of last week's tragic shooting.

A movement has been circulating on social media networks for Bale to appear as Batman, but it seems the actor made a tasteful choice to leave the cape and cowl at home. More pictures of the visit can be seen here.


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Batman. He Doesn't Appreciate The Competition!

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Now, take it back! Alright! Avengers Assemble wasn't a good movie and Thor isn't hotter than you! Happy? -Christian Bale, Cillian Murphy

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