NBC Wants to Put Saturday Night Live in Your Face

NBC recorded Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary special for Virtual Reality. Prepare your face.
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Prepare your peepers. According to a March 16 NBC press release, the studio recorded last month's 40th anniversary special for virtual reality platforms as well as these old-fashioned televisions people still use sometimes.

"The 'Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special' Virtual Reality segments will be available on the VRSE app for iOS and Android for Google Cardboard and in the Oculus VR Store for Samsung Gear™ VR.

'Saturday Night Live' and NBC Entertainment partnered with filmmaker Chris Milk and his virtual reality production company VRSE.works to capture the 40th anniversary special in the new and emerging virtual reality format. This will allow the content and the night to live for years onward in a format that will bring people as close to being in the studio as they ever could have imagined.

VRSE.works captured nearly the entire anniversary special from inside the studio using their custom built VR camera mounted on top of Camera One, the main studio pedestal camera covering the majority of the special for broadcast television."

NBC said it would release the special in different segments. The first, showing Jerry Seinfeld's Q&A session, is already available for iOS and Android for Google Cardboard and in the Oculus VR Store for Samsung Gear™ VR.

Constantine To Get TV Series

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It looks like Keanu Reeves' will not be the last to play the demon hunter seeking absolution. Constantine the TV series is currently being produced by Warner Bros. TV and DC. With show runner David S Goyer and Daniel Cerone, NBC has already picked up the series. It's a good time for comics adaptations!