Best of the Year: Ten Best Sci-Fi LOLs of 2011

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Set Phasers to LOL has only been around for a few months, but in that short time, you all have made some amazing and hilarious LOLs. We thought we'd celebrate the end of 2011 with a few of our favorites from this year in no particular order.

All Your Favorite TV Moments and LOLs in One Place!

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Get ready because 'Set Phasers to LOL' is taking a turn for the SUPER AWESOME!   We're bringing back to life all of your most favorite TV shows and reminding you why you loved them so much! Teenage love triangles, heart-felt family lessons, and snappy one-liners are on their way, but we need your feedback!

What are some of your favorite TV shows that have since gone into syndication? Tell us in the comment section below! Do you have some TV hilarity that we need to share with the world? Submit stuff here!

Always Suspected

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In his hidden basement chamber, Lucius secretly looks at kitty lolz using his clandestine muggle internet hookup where he frequently says "Squee!" uncontrollably

(Harry Potter)

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