Battle of the Cancelled: Terra Nova Vs. The Event

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"The Event," like "Terra Nova," had some problems initially. It was criticized for teasing its audience too much, and withholding answers for too long. Some complained that keeping up with the story each week took too much effort. Still, it did gain a small following of fans who enjoyed the mysteries introduced every week.

But was it a better series than "Terra Nova?" Or are you just a sucker for anything with aliens in it? Share this post on Facebook, or leave a comment, to vote for "The Eve

Terra Nova Cancelled

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Fox has decided not to renew "Terra Nova" for a second season. While the series had some problems, it was definitely showing signs of improvement, and had an amazing series finale. Unfortunately, it didn't have the ratings to justify the expense of each episode.

This does not necessarily mean the series is over. 20th Century Fox TV, which produces the series, is shopping the show to other networks. Maybe it would do better in the hands of Syfy or AMC.

What do you think? Are you sad to see "Terra Nova" go? Would you continue to watch if it gets picked up somewhere else?

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