Battle of the Cancelled: Firefly Vs. Star Trek

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Both shows follow the adventures of a captain and his crew, both have extremely dedicated fans, and both were sadly cancelled before their time.

While "Star Trek" eventually became a huge franchise, spanning multiple series and movies, the original series lasted only three years before low ratings caused the network to cancel it.

"Firefly" on the other hand only lasted 13 episodes. But dedicated fans rallied around the show and we eventually got a movie, giving the series some much needed closure.

Which cancellation was more unjust? Which show do you wish there was more of? You decide who wins the first round of Battle of the Cancelled!

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Battle of the Cancelled: Bionic Woman Vs. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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This week, we have two shows that featured some awesome badass female leads. "Bionic Woman" lasted only eight episodes in 2007 before the writers' strike halted production, leading to the show's cancellation. "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" fared slightly better, lasting two seasons, but unfortunately fell victim to being a good show on Fox. But which one deserves to come back more. Vote by sharing your favorite of the two options below on Facebook.

Battle of the Cancelled: The 4400 Vs. Dollhouse

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While not considered Joss Whedon's best work, "Dollhouse" gained a dedicated following, and had some really interesting storylines going for it. And it starred Eliza Dushku, which is always a plus. Of course being a good show on the Fox channel, it was cancelled after season two.

Which series did you want more of? Share this post on Facebook to vote for "Dollhouse!"

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