Red Shirts

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RED SHIRTS NEver wear them into battle, even if you are the king

(Lord of the Rings)

The Great Battle of Skyrim

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This epic machinima battle scene was created using a combination of mods and console commands.


Battle of the Cancelled: Firefly Vs. Star Trek

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Both shows follow the adventures of a captain and his crew, both have extremely dedicated fans, and both were sadly cancelled before their time.

While "Star Trek" eventually became a huge franchise, spanning multiple series and movies, the original series lasted only three years before low ratings caused the network to cancel it.

"Firefly" on the other hand only lasted 13 episodes. But dedicated fans rallied around the show and we eventually got a movie, giving the series some much needed closure.

Which cancellation was more unjust? Which show do you wish there was more of? You decide who wins the first round of Battle of the Cancelled!

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