Downton Abbey Will End After Next Season. How Will You Continue to Learn About British Class Tensions?

Downton Abbey will end after the sixth season.
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Pearl necklaces were clutched everywhere March 26 as Carnival Films chief Gareth Neame confirmed Downton Abbey would end after the upcoming sixth season. He said the end came not at the request of creator Julien Fellows, but rather as a product of respecting the story.

"It isn't the case that Julian said, 'I want out' and others were forced.

It's been about integrity, not how do we mechanize the production of Downton."

Whether you think this is a tragedy on the scale of the Battle of the Somme in World War I or a welcome rest to a show that has long gone off the rails, it still begs the question: where will you learn what English high society wore to dinner in the early 20th Century?

The Owner of The Wire's Only Catch Phrase Wants Potty-Mouthed Bobbleheads to Say It

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In the words of Isiah Whitlock Jr.'s Kickstarter page:

How often do you wish you had Isiah Whitlock, Jr. around to say 'sh***************t'? Wish granted!"

Kickstarter is weird.

Bruce Campbell Will Play Ronald Reagan In Fargo. How's that for a sentence?

Bruce Campbell will play Ronald Reagan on Fargo. Huh.
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In its second season, Fargo will take to 1979 and serve as something of a prequel to the events of the first seasons. That prequel will feature a Ronald Reagan campaign stop, in which he is played by Bruce Campbell.

TV Line picked up the casting exclusive as Show Runner Noah Hawley began production earlier this year. Fargo season 2 will air on FX in the fall.

It's been an interesting year for Campbell who will return later in 2015 in the Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead. That show will resurrect the Sam Raimi Evil Dead franchise that gave Campbell his cult star status.