A Collection of Rice Puns

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It started when MSNBC ran a couple of terrible puns based on Susan Rice's name. Then Twitter decided to join in.


Is Donald Trump Okay?

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The only possible explanation is that the real Donald has been kidnapped and an alien impostor is running his twitter account.

Donald Trump Went F**king Crazy Last Night

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Following the announcement of Obama's victory last night, one of his most outspoken critics Donald Trump had an epic public breakdown on Twitter last night, laying down all the cliches in the amateur's guide to internet punditry (paraphrased):

  • Ugh, Electoral College sucks.
  • Democracy is dead to me.
  • Guys, let's start a revolution.
  • This country sucks now.

In a conspicuous attempt to divert the attention, Trump subsequently removed some of his tweets and even made room for a self-promo hashtag #TrumpCares to boast about sending relief supplies to Hurricane-damaged areas in New York, but Salon has published screen captures of the highlights for your enragement (shown left).