New Allegations Suggests Princess Di Murdered by SAS

New Allegations Suggests Princess Di Murdered by SAS
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During a court martial of Danny Nightingale, a British Air Service sniper for illegal gun possession, a letter from the estranged parents of the wife of another former agent was revealed. The letter suggests that this former agent confessed to his wife about orchestrating the death and cover-up of Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi al Fayed.

This letter comes on the heels of a new book, detailing a similar murder theory. The Princess Diana Conspiracy by Alan Power claims that, at the time of her death, Princess Diana was pregnant, engaged to Dodi al Fayed and planning on leaking embarrassing information on Prince Charles. Scotland Yard is 'scoping' out the allegations, they are not opening a re-investigation. The original investigation ended in 2008 and found no pregnancy, evidence of an engagement or a murder.

Let's hope this conspiracy theory is disproven quickly.